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Dive into some of Austin’s most inspiring public murals and meet the artists who made them on Muraling Austin.

Azure Media develops and produces high profile transmedia projects that fuel social impact in communities, schools, and capitols and provides strategy to top media organizations. Since its founding in 2007 by journalist, filmmaker, and media strategist Anne Zeiser, Azure Media has successfully launched documentary and feature films, television series and specials, mobile games and apps, social impact campaigns, and film studios and media organizations

Featured Projects

Muraling Austin dives into the dynamic and impactful mural art that is elevating this capital city.

This unique Lone Star Emmy and Gold Telly award-winning three-part PBS documentary series journeys into some of Austin’s most inspiring public murals and provides portraits of the artists and activists who made them. From large-scale installations to intimate painted walls, these murals celebrate people (Frida Kahlo, Angela Davis); honor histories (19th Amendment, Austin Black Senators baseball team); and transform spaces (Rosewood Park, The Pan American Center). Muraling Austin provides an inside look at some of Austin’s most expressive and impactful public art.

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Immerse yourself in the art. Meet the artists. Watch them create. Hear from the organizers. Take in the colorful stories behind the murals.

A total solar eclipse – the perfect alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun – has sparked contemplation, innovation, and transformation for as long as humans have existed. 

Moon Shadow: Celebrating Eclipse Totality is a feature-length documentary and multi-platform project exploring the science and symbolism of eclipses. It captures the visually stunning April 2024 total eclipse along ground zero - from the Texas Hill Country to Northern Maine - and introduces viewers to some of the world’s most ardent eclipse chasers and experts. We meet astronomers shedding light on solar geometry and moon shadows, NASA astrophysicists chasing the elusive corona, indigenous leaders sharing the spiritual symbolism of eclipses, conservationists entreating us to steward our planet, artists creating in search of human enlightenment, futurists transporting us into new worlds, and eclipse chasers and first-timers celebrating the awe and wonder of the celestial dance of a total solar eclipse. Moon Shadow celebrates alignment – of three celestial bodies and harmonious Earth and humanity.

Many music genres – soul, country, rock n’ roll, hip-hop, and jazz – have been influenced by the blues. Yet blues music was slipping into the past as the music’s greats aged and died off. Then Martin Scorsese launched a comprehensive multi-media project to raise awareness of the blues’ powerful influence with a significant contribution to American culture. Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues was a seven-night film festival on PBS with films by acclaimed directors Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Wim Wenders, Marc Levin, Charles Burnett,  Richard Pearce, and Mike Figgis.

It also included a 13-part NPR radio series, a teacher’s guide, a companion book, 25 music CDs, 120 “On the Road” events, a traveling museum exhibit, a concert at Radio City Music Hall, and a concert film.

As Newsweek said, this project “brings the blues screaming to life.”

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Anne Zeiser’s background as a journalist and producer, media and marketing strategist, and social advocate uniquely positions her as the architect of successful, outcomes-driven media campaigns.Anne is one of the top professionals, not only in the PBS system, but also in the industry. She is one of those rare individuals who can integrate the disciplines of strategic thinking and creative expression. I am in awe of her ability to wrangle the most ambitious, multi-dimensional projects, such as her pioneering work on Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge, the global health social impact campaign with the Gates Foundation. I believe the future of PBS depends on this type of innovation.


Lesli Rotenberg, Former Chief Programming Executive & General Manager, PBS

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Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues surpassed our highest expectations. The amount of exposure Volkswagen received through this sponsorship was truly phenomenal and demonstrates the kind of results companies can achieve through such fully integrated, multi-tiered marketing opportunities with public television.” 


Kevin Boyle, Former Brand Marketing and Media Director, Volkswagen

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“When a religious-right organization launched a petition campaign for Congress to defund PBS because of my NOVA film, The Bible’s Buried Secrets, WGBH brought in Anne. She spearheaded a thoughtful promotional campaign that encouraged public engagement and inter-faith dialogue. Her efforts yielded dozens of print articles and reviews, radio interviews and live events, and ultimately produced one of the largest broadcast audiences for NOVA for the past decade.”


Gary Glassman, President & Executive Producer, Providence Pictures

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