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Azure Media

Founded in 2007, Azure Media – media-fueled impact™ -- produces high-profile transmedia projects that fuel social impact in communities, schools, and capitols. Azure’s unique approach integrates storytelling, social change, and marketing perspectives during a project’s strategic planning to maximize audience engagement and inspire action around the project. This holistic results-driven approach attracts funders, distributors, and partners. In addition, Azure Media provides strategic counsel to media and educational organizations to establish a clear and relevant identity and positioning in the media landscape. 


Azure Media produces original documentary films, digital videos, podcasts, and other educational and impact initiatives, mainly in science, health, and public affairs. Azure also partners with production companies and distributors to develop, produce, and launch film, TV, and other media projects. Azure Media’s founder, Anne Zeiser, has contributed to Oscar, Emmy, Peabody, duPont-Columbia, BAFTA, and Grammy award-winning media projects and her work has received numerous national honors.

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Social Impact

Azure Media fuels positive social impact for mission-driven media projects by designing social impact campaigns during the project’s development. Azure Media’s proven development strategy applies key principles of the Theory of Change to media-anchored social action campaigns – harnessing the power of media and human will – by activating transmedia storytelling, strategic partnerships, and affinity groups. These projects’ heightened engagement and action can seed measurable behavioral, social, and policy change.

Azure Media has developed and produced Impact campaigns on topics ranging from STEM, the environment and conservation, public and global health, literacy and numeracy, women’s entrepreneurship, and humanitarian issues. 


Media Strategy

Azure Media provides strategic counsel to mission-driven media companies – from film production companies and film festivals to distribution companies and media educators. These services are valuable to organizations or media properties at their inception or later stages when the marketplace and audience preferences have shifted.

Azure Media has guided media launched production companies, managed company mergers, reorganized media organizations, and created, branded, and marketed production companies, media divisions, media brands, and IPs.

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Azure Media works with some of the world’s top media companies and brands. Many of these media organizations and projects are mission-driven or educational in nature.

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