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Muraling Austin

Muraling Austin is a multi-platform PBS project anchored by a three-part documentary series journeying into some of Austin’s most inspiring public murals and portraits of the artists and activists who made them. From walls with towering icons to fences with simple messages, murals are transforming spaces, giving voice to causes, and impacting communities.Through these episodes, Muraling Austin provides an inside look at some of Austin’s most expressive and impactful public art: 


  • “Pride of Place” showcases the changemakers who realized Austin’s most inspiring murals – commemorating the 19th Amendment, tracing stories of immigration and environmental movements, and documenting segregation in baseball.

  •  “Women Rising” features the images of accomplished artists and activists rising on the walls of Austin – from Frida Kahlo, Angela Davis, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg to spiritual personas sharing messages of female empowerment. Meet the artists driven to paint these trailblazers.

  • “Big, Bright & Bold” highlights the vibrant contemporary murals that are bursting onto public spaces throughout Austin. Leap into the art and meet the artists energizing this capital city’s urban architecture. 


Muraling Austin aired nationally on PBS’s WORLD channel in 2023 and continues to air on public TV stations throughout the US. It’s available to stream at PBS.orgIt won a Lone Star Emmy in 2023 and two Gold Telly Awards in 2024. 


The project extended the reach of these mural backstories and their artists via a companion website and social studies lesson plans for students grades 3 to 12 on PBS LearningMedia , the country’s top source of online educational media. 

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