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Azure Media produces original media projects – from documentary films and TV programs to public educational initiatives and social impact campaigns, with an emphasis on STEM, health, and public affairs issues. To bring these mission-driven projects to life, Azure partners with top production companies and distributors to develop, produce, and launch film, TV, and other media projects.  Azure Media:


  • Develops and produces documentary films and docu-series on science, the environment, space,  health, public affairs, and the arts for PBS and other mission-driven distributors    

  • Crafts a holistic storytelling and marketing narrative via research, strategy, platforms, distribution, story, messaging, branding, and integrated marketing across multiple media platforms including film, TV, radio, web, mobile, games, books, publications, music CDs, DVDs, exhibits, events, and toys

  • Partners with project-aligned media entities to distribute and expand the story and audience experience including PBS, GBH, WETA, NOVA, BBC, HBO, ABC, NBC, BBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Curiosity Stream, National Geographic, Sundance, Granada, Miramax, Universal, Sony, NPR, PRI, PRX, Newsweek, Time, Time for Kids, New York Times, Atlantic, The Week, People en Español, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Scholastic, Penguin, HarperCollins, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter)

Azure Media’s founder, Anne Zeiser has contributed to Oscar, Emmy, Peabody, duPont-Columbia, BAFTA, and Grammy award-winning media projects. She is currently directing and producing two PBS multi-platform projects anchored by documentary films, Touching the Sun and Democracy on the Brink as a co-founder of Prism Pictures. Recently, she executive produced the Emmy- and Gold Telly-winning PBS docu-series Muraling Austin for Nelda Studios, which aired nationally on PBS’s World channel.

Featured Projects

These productions – many of them multi-platform media projects – range from documentary films to animated children’s series and share the goal of inspiring and educating key audiences.

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