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Social Impact

Azure Media fuels positive impact by applying the principles of the Theory of Change to media-anchored action campaigns. Azure harnesses the power of media and human will through multi-platform storytelling, strategic partnerships, and affinity group engagement. When these elements operate from the top down and the bottom up, Azure’s projects amplify audiences' awareness, understanding, engagement, and action around a media project and its associated issue. This seeds measurable behavioral, social, and policy change. 


  • Designs fully articulated engagement and action campaigns including polling and research, audience and issue identification, strategic partners, calls-to-action, advocacy, and project evaluation

  •  Forges cross-disciplinary partnerships among media, NGOs, government, corporations, and educators including NIH, CDC, HHS, NSF, AAAS, SBA, Feeding America, YMCA, Smithsonian, AMNH, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Volkswagen, Merck Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics, NABT, NCSE, NCTE, Girl Scouts, Rotary International, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Interfaith Center, CARE,

  • Oversees and executes social impact, affinity group engagement, public education, educational and community outreach, online community-building, and public affairs initiatives 


In partnership with media, government, NGO, and corporate entities, Azure Media has developed successful media-fueled initiatives on science literacy and communications, STEM proficiency, the environment and conservation, science denialism (evolution, vaccines, climate change), invention and innovation, tech and social change, literacy and numeracy, public and global health, women’s health, mental health, childhood obesity, hunger, homelessness, volunteerism, cultural and art appreciation, women’s entrepreneurship, cultural tolerance, civil discourse, democracy, equal rights, human rights, and humanitarian issues. 

Featured Projects

These social impact projects have catalyzed measurable social change – from public audiences’ participation in individual or community calls-to-action to influencer audiences’ engagement in institutional and policy solutions. 

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