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When the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), a newer podcast company, and PRI, an older radio-based organization merged, the new company faced organizational, cultural, and branding issues. These challenges needed to be resolved to ensure the new audio company was poised for the future. Azure Media was brought on to work with the company’s president, CMO, and the newly-merged board of directors to develop an organizational identity and brand strategy for the new organization’s disparate portfolio of audio brands. Azure's principal, Anne Zeiser, conducted stakeholder interviews, developed a survey instrument uncovering audience perceptions of both entities, and analyzed organizational communications, strategic plans, and public-facing materials to identify an aspirational brand essence. Using the Jungian-based device of brand archetypes, Azure identified the aspirational company’s brand essence, recommended a final name for the organization, PRX, and created a brand hierarchy and manifesto for the new company. 


Azure’s recommendations received unanimous approval by the new board of directors at a critical moment in the company’s history. This strategic brand plan was hailed by the new president and created a clear and actionable roadmap for the company moving forward. Today, PRX is one of the world's leading podcast publishers partnering with TED, PBS, the Smithsonian, Futuro Media, GBH, Project Brazen,  and more. PRX is also home to Radiotopia, known as one of the most creative and successful podcast networks.


“Every time I look at the work you did, I am grateful all over again.  PRX was absolutely the best company name for us to adopt and the Magician archetype feels spot on.” 

– Kerri Hoffman, President & CEO, PRX

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